MORNSUN Announces Authorized Agreement with Digi-Key to Provide immediate delivery services to Customers Worldwide

MORNSUN is very pleased to announce an authorized agreement with Digi-Key Electronics to provide customers with immediate delivery services worldwide.

MORNSUN serves customers globally and has expanded its distribution network in 40+ countries. Now, with the combination with Digi-Key’s expertise in technology, customer service, product introduction, and distribution, MORNSUN is able to better support the customers worldwide with the ease of online purchase, immediate delivery services, and customer support 24/7.

MORNSUN portfolio of power supply products is now available to purchase directly from Digi-Key covering AC/DC converter, enclosed switching power supply, and DC/DC converter. Our customers now have another option to search for power supplies to suit their needs and place orders for immediate shipment.

Please visit Digikey.com to find the latest in Mornsun Power Supplies for immediate delivery!

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MORNSUN is a leading vertical industrial power supply manufacturer headquartered in China. With more than 22 years of experience specializing in magnetic isolation technology, product research and application, MORNSUN manufactures various high-quality power conversion products. MORNSUN markets its products worldwide that include AC/DC converter, DC/DC converter, enclosed switching power supply, self-designed IC and transformer, adapter, isolation transmitter, IGBT driver and LED driver, etc., most of which comply with international safety standards. MORNSUN product ranges focus on different demands and numerous industries, such as industrial automation, charging station, photovoltaic, telecommunications, medical, smart home, automotive industry, etc. For more detail please visit www.mornsun-power.com.

About Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key is one of the fastest-growing distributors of electronic components in the world headquartered in the USA. Founded in 1972, Digi-Key was a pioneer in the mail-order catalog business and a key resource for design engineers. Today Digi-Key offers the world’s largest selection of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment. To learn more about Digi-Key, please visit www.digikey.com. 


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