In the harsh railway environment, power supplies are required to be designed for the extreme working conditions of railway applications and comply with safety standards such as EN50155. Mornsun provides EN50155-compliant DC/DC power supplies for the railway industry with output power ranging from 6W to 400W. These railway DC/DC converters feature compact size, low ripple noise and excellent EMC performance, and are designed to comply with higher isolation requirements for railway station, on-board and trackside applications. If you're looking for power solutions for your Rail Transit system, Mornsun has what you need and is always an innovative and trustworthy partner by your side.

Key requirements of railway power supply solutions

High Speed

(extreme cold and extreme hot)


The working environment and battery power supply in the railway transportation system are relatively special. Mornsun can provide standard DC/DC converter modules with different input ranges for different battery power supply railway systems. In addition, the environment of railway applications can be very harsh, so it is required to prove that the module can reach the standard by vibration/shock test to ensure that the anti-vibration and anti-impact performance of the module can meet EN50155 and the requirement of Category 1 Class B.

DC/DC power converters applied in railway power supply systems should equip with wide input voltages and operating temperature ranges. With the rapid development of electronic technology and more and more extensive applications of railway power supplies, the working environment is getting worse and worse. For example,with the increase of altitude, the insulation performance and heat dissipation performance of power supply products progressively decrease.

Mornsun‘s high-performance railway DC/DC converters meet EN50155 and the requirement of Category 1 Class B, and have the advantages of wide input range, wide operation temperature range, 3000VAC reinforced insulation, high output efficiency, low heat generation and high anti-surge ability which can ensure the use of power in harsh environments.

MORNSUN DC/DC converters for railway applications

For vehicle electronic equipment applications, in order to avoid failures caused by potential differences, electromagnetic compatibility, personal safety, and external control failures, the following requirements need to be taken into account:
1. Shock and vibration. Railway vehicles are likely to be vulnerable to shock and vibration during driving, so random shock and vibration tests need to be carried out when installing electronic equipment.
2. Working temperature. Trains have to work in harsh railway conditions all year-round, from the hot equator to cold ice field, so the working temperature range of the vehicle battery also needs to be able to adapt to extreme cold and heat. Mornsun ensures the reliability of the product through reliability tests of High-Low Temperature Test and Damp-Heat Test and provides you with high performance solutions.
3. Reinforced insulation. Because of the uncertainty of vehicle batteries, reinforced insulation is needed to ensure the smooth operation of vehicle electronic equipment.

Mornsun's railway DC/DC power supplies meet the requirements of EN 50155 and Category 1 Class B, with operating temperature range-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃/105℃, up to 3000VAC reinforced insulation. Our DC/DC power converters offer higher power density, higher efficiency, higher performance-to-price ratio, and are robust enough to meet the stringent requirements of on-board rail applications.

Advantages of MORNSUN railway power supply

  • When the system starts, there will be a large inrush current, which may lead to the tripping of the front-end circuit breaker. Mornsun can provide integrated railway power solutions to meet the requirements of EMC and hold-up time of customers while meeting the requirements of low inrush current.

MORNSUN Railway DC/DC Power Supply Solutions

Tens of thousands of of Mornsun power products have been installed on diverse Trackside system equipment , Station system equipment and On-board train system equipment globally.

MORNSUN Railway DC/DC Power Supply Solutions

MORNSUN Railway Power Converter Video

Mornsun 15-350W AC/DC Enclosed Switching Power Supplies

MORNSUN Railway DC/DC Converter Brochure

Learn Morn about MORNSUN Railway DC/DC Converter Production Lines

MORNSUN - Railway DC/DC Power Supply Manufacturer

Technical team. Our R&D engineers at MORNSUN have designed a series of solutions with your Rail Transit application needs in mind. You can also choose one or more of our advanced and cost-efficient components, spacing from isolation converters and enclosed power supplies to RS485/CAN transceivers and more. Guided by the service principle of "trustworthiness", MORNSUN offers the best products, fast and local service, and efficient pre-sales and after-sales support for clients worldwide.

MORNSUN provides professional power supply services. Backed by a perfect management system that consists of advanced research technology, a high-quality raw material platform, advanced equipment, excellent manufacturing process management, specialized screening sequence on reliability and rich experience, each solution from MORNSUN is designed to improve the stability, safety, and reliability of your charging system.

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