With the trend of miniaturization for the end-use devices growing, smaller, lighter, and ease of use require a higher level of integration technology. However, how to achieve the balance among size, cost, reliability, performance, design cycle, ease of use and personalization for the electric products has always puzzled engineers.

MORNSUN new generation AC/DC converter LS-R3 series, which features miniature and high efficiency is an excellent module to meet the conflicting requirements all in one. By adopting flexible peripheral circuits, the LS-R3 series is the first-of-its-kind cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

The trend of AC/DC power supply

The best power supplies are designed from the latest techniques and proven component technologies. The trend of AC/DC converters toward the smaller, more efficient and lower cost. Manufacturers enable engineers to access such power converters in the market, with minimized size and cost, while keeping the design as simple as possible, maximizing efficiency and flexibility in use.

Mornsun, who dedicated into power supply for more than 23 years, looks to these important considerations and broadens its compact and all-around LS-R3 series AC/DC converter to address these challenges.

Advantages of MORNSUN LS-R3 Series AC/DC converters

LS-R3 series AC/DC converters are capable to simplify complex power design with flexible peripheral circuits. While saving cost from design to maintenance, it also increases performance, productivity with excellent compatibility, and shortens the time to market. Check below for key advantages and see how Mornsun can help to bring your smart designs to life.

Ultra-compact size, flexible layout. By removing all redundant designs, minimizing the circuit layout, replacing the terminals, and designing the transformer according to the power section, the dimensions of the LS-R3 series are significantly decreased by about 44%. For example, the dimensions of LS03-13BxxR3 is 26.4*12.58*12mm and LS03-15BxxSR2S is 35*18*11mm, R3 is 45% samller than R2. Meanwhile, It is also unlimited by the structure, it can be designed into various shapes to meet the compact-size requirements of actual applications which helps to improve the utility of space.




Flexible design for a wide range of applications. Designing a flexible multi-application power supply is a time-consuming and difficult task, for example, in different countries and areas with different voltage inputs, including 110V, 230V, 277V, and in different application environments with different EMC requirements. So that it has a high requirement of skill set for engineers. Even with these skill sets, the time to market products would still be greatly increased. While there are off-the-shelf power modules that meet specific performance specifications, engineers must choose another module if design requirements change. To address this, designers can use board mount AC/DC converters LS-R3 series to meet the specifications of core regulatory, size, and performance, while offering high customization to meet changing requirements. The LS-R3 series with an ultra-wide input range of 85-305VAC, meet input voltages of most countries and areas, Engineers could choose the different capacitance(C1) of peripheral circuits for the different input voltages to save cost(Table1). For different applications, the basic functions of low-power products are the same, usually supply power to MCUs, relays, LDOs, etc. but the application environments of products are different and require different EMC levels. The LS-R3 could achieve different EMS and EMI specifications with the simple dedicated peripheral circuit. Adopting LS-R3 products can avoid customer overdesign and save cost. Please refer to Table 2 and the detailed information in the LS-R3 application guide.

Know more about the EMI and EMS peripheral circuit of LS-R3 in the Digi-key article.

National power grid
Country Voltage
U.S.A 110Vac
Japan 100Vac
Korea 220Vac
India 230Vac
Western EUR 230Vac
Russia 220Vac
National power grid
I/P Voltage Withstand
85Vac~305Vac 450V
85Vac~277Vac 420Vac
180Vac~264Vac 400V
85Vac~132Vac 250V
LS peripheral circuit diagram
Table 1:The LS-R3 series has 85-305VAC input range, C1 selection is based on the actual grid voltage
Recommended solution Industry Requirement Operating
Industrial control Good EMI
-40℃~85℃ Class B EFT:±2KV
Surge:line to line ±1KV
White goods White goods
-25℃~55℃ Class B EFT:±2KV
Surge:line to line ±1KV
IoT Compact size
-25 to +55℃ Class B EFT:±2KV
Surge:line to line ±1KV
Intelligent building Low-price -25℃~55℃ Class A EFT:±2KV
Surge:line to line ±1KV
Security industry Reliable
-40℃~85℃ Class B EFT:±4KV
Surge:line to line ±2KV
Power industry Durability
High EMS level
-40℃~85℃ Class B EFT:±4KV
Surge:line to line ±2KV

Table 2: With the addition of peripheral components, LS-R3 can be customized to meet a wide variety
of application with specific EMC requirements.

Controllable cost, high performance. LS-R3 series features high power density, low power consumption as low as 0.1W, and multiple protections such as output short circuit and over-current protection. Customers can choose multifarious flexible selections of cost-effective peripheral components based on their own requirements, then achieve controllable service life and cost. Additionally, while it may be necessary to design or select a power supply for each application and its specific set of requirements, that comes at a cost in terms of design time, cost, and inventory management. But if choosing the LS-R3 series, one LS-R3 with multiple circuits would be available for different environmental applications would help avoid cost increase by over-design and material control.

High reliability, good quality. The circuit of the flyback converter in the power supply product is simple and easy to be designed and produced, engineers maybe generally not take seriously the potential reliability risks. But according to statistical data, most of the failures are caused by damage to the power supply. Therefore the power supply is the key to the entire system's reliability. The LS-R3 Series AC/DC converters deliver isolation voltage as high as 4000VAC, comply with IEC/EN/UL62368, meet IEC/EN/UL60335 safety standards which is suitable for home appliances. Backed by the fully automated production line of Mornsun, it guarantees greater consistency for products, which makes the LS-R3 series more reliable than discrete solutions.

Advantages of LS-R3 Series AC/DC converters compare to discrete solution

LS-R3 with peripheral circuit
  • Smaller: 52*26*15mm

  • Simplify design, ease of use

  • Less cost from design to maintenance

  • Flexible peripheral design for
    a wide range of applications

  • 85-305VAC, 80%, 0.1W, 80mV

  • Less layout space
  • Flexible design
  • Controllable cost
  • Widely used
  • Reliable performance

    Input voltage/
    No-load power
    Ripple & Noise

Discrete design
Discrete design
  • Large: 51.5*31.5*15mm
  • Inefficient material control or over-design
  • Complex design easily causes higher cost
  • Limited use, meets common function Only
  • 85-265VAC, 71%, 0.25W, 100mV
Competitive in Multiple Dimensions

Power Solution for Electricity Meter with RS485 Communication

Mornsun provides engineers with an ideal support solution throughout circuit design and implementation, and our AC/DC power supply to DC/DC converters meets industry standards in terms of quality and reliability.
For example, the Mornsun LS-R3 series, with high efficiency, low power consumption and flexible design, complies with the IEC/EN/UL62368 standard and is an efficient green power AC/DC converter for energy metering applications. They have a wide input range and can accept AC or DC voltages, and are widely used in a wide range of industries.

MORNSUN - AC/DC Power Supply Manufacturer

Technical team. Our R&D engineers at MORNSUN have designed varied AC/DC power supplies catering to the various needs of your power systems. You can choose one or more of our advanced and cost-efficient components, spacing from board mount AC/DC converters and enclosed switching power supplies to DIN Rail power supplies. Guided by the service principle of "trustworthiness", MORNSUN offers the best products, fast and local service, and efficient pre-sales and after-sales support for clients worldwide.

MORNSUN provides professional power supply services. Backed by a perfect management system that consists of advanced research technology, a high-quality raw material platform, advanced equipment, excellent manufacturing process management, specialized screening sequence on reliability and rich experience, each solution from MORNSUN is designed to improve the stability, safety, and reliability of your power system.

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