• Low light-load efficiency? High no-load power consumption?

    Industrial equipment system usually operates at light-load condition and requires dummy load which will cause temperature rise.

    With variable frequency technology, R3 DC-DC converters significantly improves the light-load efficiency and there is no requirement for dummy load.
    Their efficiency exceeds 78% in the light load range of 5%-30% and no-load power consumption is as low as 0.12W which helps to save energy and minimize the temperature rise.

  • Long start-up time? overshoot?

    Most systems’ start-up failure is related to modular power supply long start-up time, and its load may be damaged by the overshoot voltage when startup.

    R3 DC-DC converters start-up time decreasing from 200mS to 20mS and without overshoot helps to avoid any system failure caused by long start-up time and ensures the stability of systems and protects the load from being damaged.

  • Unable to meet EMI standard?

    Most DC-DC converters in the market can only meet EMI Class A standard by connecting external capacitor

    R3 DC-DC Converters meet EN55022 Class A conducted emission and conducted radiation with filter build-in and Class B standard with suggested peripheral circuit.

  • Poor system stability and safety?

    Abnormal restarting after power supply shutdown may cause unnecessary damage.

    R3 DC-DC Converters have input under-voltage, output over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protections. These protections help ensure safety and system reliability.

  • Poor reliability? High failure rate?

    Power supply is the heart of industrial equipment and its reliability is closely related to the overall system. Especially in harsh conditions, it becomes more important.

    From design to manufacturing, we implement full reliability tests such as high temperature operation test, low temperature operation test, temperature cycle test, thermal shock test, vibration test to ensure products performance, and full-automated manufacturing ensure the consistency and quality of products.



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