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Умные сети электроснабжения

   Smart Grid system can be broadly divided into generators, transmission, substation, distribution and monitor system. An automated power grid can monitor and control each grid node, ensuring a two-way flow of information and electricity between all the nodes in the entire electric transmission process from generation to energy consumption.   MORNSUN offering power solution of smart grid covers the applications of energy generation, distribution, distribution system and monitor system
Series Power (W)Vin (VAC)Vout (VDC)No. of OutputsIsolation (VAC)PackageDimension (mm)3D Impression Drawing (.stp)DatasheetSample
30 85~264 5,±12,24 4 2000 DIP 105.0*70.0*24.5 - - -
LM30-00J0512-03E 30 85~264 5,±12,24 4 2000 DIP 105*70*24.5
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