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Контрольно-измерительные приборы

HK _S series is specialized for applications of two-wire signal and HART transmission. It can solve a series of problems, such as, the signal transmission errors around 3.5~20mA, followed by the interruption of HART communication or damage to equipment port device, which are caused by the ground potential difference with different ground loops. HK _S series supply power through the loop, so that it can eliminate transmission errors caused by electric potential difference and ensure the accuracy of the communication transmission
Series Vin (VDC)Vout (VDC)Isolation (VDC)Dimension (mm)3D Impression Drawing (.stp)CertificationDatasheet
5,7~8 3.3,5 1500 11.60*6.00*10.16 - - - -
HK0805S 7~8 5 1500 11.60*6.00*10.16 -
HK0803S 7~8 3.3 1500 11.60*6.00*10.16 -
HK0503S 5 3.3 1500 11.60*6.00*10.16 -
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