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Импульсный подавитель

   This series feature compact size which can effectively ,and can match with MORNSUN DC/DC converter.    Besides, they offer optional packages, such as PCB mounting, chassis mounting, DIN-Rail mounting and etc
Series Vin (VDC)Operating TemperatureAttenuation RatePackageDimension (mm)Supporting Power SupplyPulse Voltage (KV)3D Impression Drawing (.stp)DatasheetSample
0~80VDC -40~85℃ 30dB DIP/chassis/Din-Rail 33.7*22.2*18.0(DIP) DC/DC ±4 - - -
FT-BX1D 0~80VDC -55~125℃ 30dB DIP 33.7x22.2x18.0 DC/DC ±4
FT-BX1DA2S 0~80VDC -55~125℃ 30dB chassis 76.00x31.50x26.80 DC/DC ±4 -
FT-BX1DA4S 0~80VDC -55~125℃ 30dB Din-Rail 76.00x31.50x31.40 DC/DC ±4 -
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