Compact and All-rounder ACDC Converter in "305RAC" Family--LS10-R3P Series

Compact and All-rounder ACDC Converter in "305RAC" Family--LS10-R3P Series.jpg


The LS-R3 series received a warm response from the market since launched because of flexible peripheral design, high reliability, and attractive cost. By refining client’s needs, pursuing comprehensive cost performance, and achieving another breakthrough in dimensions and cost, we are pleased to extend LS10-13BxxR3P series to our "305RAC" family for the applications where voltage accuracy is not strictly required.


1)Miniaturization and light weight

The dimensions is only 28.84*17.2*14.05mm, and the weight is only 8.2g, which greatly improves the space utilization for customers.

2)Wide input voltage:85 - 305VAC/90-430VDC

This series meets global voltage requirements such as 110/220/277VAC standard voltages;

3)All-rounder periphery

The series shoot customer's troubles with the all-matching core design with a flexible peripheral circuit. By adopting different peripheral circuits, the series can be used in almost all applications including low-cost consumer products and even high-end power for the extremely harsh outdoor environments.

4)Low consumption and high efficiency

a. No-load consumption as low as 0.1W;

b. The efficiency up to 84%.



It is widely used in smart home, industrial control, power meter and other fields.

Compact and All-rounder ACDC Converter in "305RAC" Family--LS10-R3P Series.jpg


  • Ultra-wide input voltage:85 - 305VAC/ 90- 430VDC

  • Accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of same terminal)

  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to + 85

  • Multi application, flexible layout

  • Compact size, high power density, green power

  • No-load power consumption as low as 0.1W

  • Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection

  • Designed to meet IEC/EN61558, IEC/EN60335 standards

  • IEC/EN/UL62368 safety approval

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

Series Power(W) Vin(VAC) Vout(VDC) No. of Outputs Isolation(VAC) Package Dimension(mm) Footprint & 3D Certification Datasheet Sample
LS10-13B03R3P 10 85~305 3.3 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B03R3P
LS10-13B05R3P 10 85~305 5 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B05R3P
LS10-13B09R3P 10 85~305 9 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B09R3P
LS10-13B12R3P 10 85~305 12 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B12R3P
LS10-13B15R3P 10 85~305 15 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B15R3P
LS10-13B24R3P 10 85~305 24 1 3000 Open frame 28.84*17.20*14.05 - - LS10-13B24R3P


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