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MORNSUN High Reliable AC/DC Converter series LD03-20BxxWG for Smart Home White Goods- 08/01/2019      view:
MORNSUN recently launched a new AC/DC converter Series LD03-20BxxWG , which is targeted at smart home white goods. The new LD03-20BxxWG series feature compact size, high efficiency, high reliability, high cost effective, and multiple protections, which is suitable for industrial electronics devices, commercial official, smart house-white goods and consumer electronics applications.

Product advantages:

1.Meet the latest safety standards and white goods standards

  This LD03-20BxxWG series meets EN/UL62368, EN/UL60335 (white goods standards), EN/UL60950, GB4943 safety standards (CE pending)

2.Low cost, compact size and high reliability

  a.Compact size (the external EMC circuit and electrolytic capacity are not required)

  b.Meets 5000m altitude requirements
3.Superior EMC performance
  EMI performance meets CISPR30/EN55032 CLASS B
4.Green power
  Standby power consumption as low as 0.2W

Widely use in applications including industrial electronics devices, commercial official, smart home white goods and consumer electronics, such as electric rice cooker, electric oven, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet and so on.


  > Universal Input : 85 - 265VAC/120 - 370VDC

  > Operating temperature range: -25℃ to +70℃

  > Standby power consumption as low as 0.2W

  > High isolation voltage up to 4000VAC

  > Meets 5000m altitude requirements

  > Output short circuit, over current, over voltage protection

  > High efficiency and high reliability

  > Plastic case conforms with UL94V-0

  > EN/UL62368, EN/UL60335, EN/UL60950, GB4943 approval (CE pending)

  > EMI performance meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B

  > 3 years warranty

Application case:

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:     LD03-20BxxWG

Product Number:

Series Power (W) Vin (VAC) Vout (VDC) No. of Outputs Isolation (VAC) Package Dimension (mm) 3D Impression Drawing (.stp) Sample
LD03-20B05WG 3 85~264 5 1 4000 DIP 32.3*27.3*21.8 - -
LD03-20B12WG 3 85~264 12 1 4000 DIP 32.3*27.3*21.8 - -
LD03-20B24WG 3 85~264 24 1 4000 DIP 32.3*27.3*21.8 - -
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